Women and Entrepreneurship

E ntrepreneurship is still an alien term for many of us. We think of it as any other business that many are already into and it’s not surprising either because we were never really introduced to entrepreneurship. It is a process of discovering new ideas to bring together resources and do business with. There’s a huge difference between just business and entrepreneurship. These days with the evolving technology and exposure of the outer world, people are more aware of this and are discovering new techniques and methods in making the daily human activities easier or are creating new interesting products.


In Nepal

If we look into the context of our Nepalese society, mostly the youth and the women are into entrepreneurship. They surely didn’t get to learn it at school because sadly our education system thinks it’s least important. They came to know about entrepreneurship either through social media, which is the most reachable source these days or through local trainings to uplift women in our society.

Our society being male dominant, women are often held back from various opportunities as well as financial independency. This has not only suppressed the creativity which women hold but also their confidence to communicate with the outside world. As they say, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way,’ women are now steps ahead on the societal staircase than they used to be. Women aren’t still as near to where men stand in our society but they surely aren’t where they used to be and where they were told they belonged. How did this happen? The magic is women entrepreneurship.

Women as Entrepreneurs

Women these days are aware of the fact that financial independency not only gives you self confidence but also respect in the society. With entrepreneurship introduced to them, they are brainstorming ideas to figure out one big idea that can help them become financially independent.


As you look around the market, you see a number of homemade products and made in Nepal products replacing every other foreign product. This is a great sign of strong entrepreneurship in our country as well as how it’s helping our country’s GDP. From homemade pickles to papad, to candies, to natural soaps, women entrepreneurs are producing it all locally and they’re actually better in quality than those we import.

Entrepreneurship, however, is not as easy and fancy as it sounds. Every entrepreneur has to face various risks but it is a lot harder for women entrepreneurs especially in our society which holds the social stigma of women being house wife material and that, women aren’t supposed to do anything beyond household work. We get questioned about our values and existence if we stand against the restriction of women to work and be independent.As a women entrepreneur, I have had my own ups and downs coming to terms with the fact that I am owning a chocolate factory.

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