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Bosign Hideaway Cable Organiser (Medium)

IT ONLY TAKES a few cables on your desk to turn a reasonably uncluttered workspace into an uncomfortably messy setup. Bosign is one of the only companies that wants to help you address unkempt powerboard mess with its slick range of Hideaway Cable Organisers that work equally well in full view on a tabletop  as it does tucked away on the ground.

The powdery polycarbonate exterior isn’t just soft on the eyes, it’s also comprised of fully fire-retardant materials, so if one of your transformers seriously malfunctions it’ll keep the fire from spreading.

The timber inlay of the Hideaway Cable Organiser’s closable lid clicks securely into place and its neat indent makes  a useful charging bay for your mobile devices.

If you’re looking for something that will house anything larger than a fully laden four-port power board, then you’ll have to go for the size up, but at $49.95, this reasonably priced cable concealer is useful for moderate power board clutter.


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