Last month, we compared a couple of portable heating inventions, so it seems fitting that this one has popped up on our radar. Lots of things come along that you don’t immediately realise you need until after you get one — microwaves, smartphones and cats, for example — but we were not expecting a portable air conditioning unit to be one of them.

The Kul-U can run at high speed for a maximum of four hours, cooling you down from the safe haven of your coat pocket. While on low, it’s almost completely silent, meaning you can have it going when you’re presenting in a stressful meeting. The device is really small (for an air con unit) and is also quite light, making it super portable.

You can adjust the temperature, too. The Kul-U works by sucking in warm air and then channelling that air through a cooling system to then be spat out again.  This system supposedly combines fan, ice and evaporative cooling into one. It’s not the most attractive bit of tech, but enough people were wowed by the Kul-U to get it over the finishing line.