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Laser 10 Port USB Charging Station

TAKE A LOOK around your home. How many smartphones, tablets, fitness watches, games consoles and cameras do you and your family have that implement USB as their power supply? And how many of them need charging on a daily basis? Laser’s enormous charging station offers room for up to 10 devices to charge simultaneously at 1A (fine for most smartphones) or five at 2.1A (which your iPad will need).

While it certainly saves space at the wall, as the figure-8 power cord powers the entire board, the station has a large footprint. It’s also fairly featureless, with only a simple switch at the front flicking between the 1A and 2.4A modes.

Four rubber feet keep this box, which is about the size and shape of an external 3.5-inch drive, reasonably planted on your desk. That’s where it’ll have to live, too, as the USB ports offer a fair amount of resistance, so having the station on the floor would be impractical.


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