Bleeding edge: the best of emerging tech

THIS MONTH, WE finally got our hands on Samsung’s rejigged Gear VR, which will be a big step up in terms of comfort for anyone who wears spectacles. But with rumblings of the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront 2 being PlayStation

VR-compatible, the closing of Oculus’ Story Studio (to make way for a focus on nurturing independent VR content creation) and the release of the Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-ality game from  the same team that created the excellent  Job Simulator, there was, as always,  a number of huge developments in the VR space this month.

AR has its mixed- reality sights on making a news-reading app that resembles The Architect’s office from The Matrix and pirating Pokémon GO (in both senses), while neural network-based AI systems have learned to rap, skateboard and may even soon let us talk to dolphins


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