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The latest generation of personal drones

Until recently, the drone world was
the domain of the world’s military,
but now we are able to use them as
our own personal moviemakers. The AR
Drone 2.0 is a 380-gram (13.4-ounce) carbon-
fibre video drone. Using an app you can
download onto your Android or Apple device,
you pilot the drone by tilting your smartphone
or tablet, guided by the
on-board camera.
The HD camera records at 720p,
which it sends straight to the smartphone or
tablet you’re using to pilot the drone. If you
really want to channel your inner Tarantino,
you can set the drone to Director Mode. This
sends it into semi-autonomous mode,
providing a stable pan or crane shot. Footage
remains steady thanks to a pressure sensor
that keeps the drone upright regardless of
altitude and winds up to 15 kilometres (nine
miles) per hour.

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