Find out why femtocells are perfect if you live in a signal black spot

Femtocells can be the solution to poor cellular reception by
turning your broadband landline into a ‘home node’ – a
mini mobile phone base station. Once set up, your mobile
phone and other gadgets are automatically recognised
and any voice calls use VoIP (Voice over Internet
Protocol) data packets to connect a call.
Unlike Wi-Fi, femtocells don’t drain your
devices’ battery life either.
Cell tower
Rather than relying on overcrowded cell towers in the
area, the femtocell interacts with the internet directly.
Home network
The femtocell automatically syncs your device with the
wider home network for easy media sharing.
Instant recognition
You can connect many devices to the femtocell, which
are automatically recognised when they come into range.
No interference
An operator-licensed spectrum is used which means
there should be no interference from other technology
around the home, like video consoles.
Improved calls
As the femtocell is taking over voice calls, many users
experience improved levels of call clarity.
The femtocell is plugged into a spare Ethernet socket on a
modem. Input your phone number via a webpage and you
can start using all the usual mobile phone services.
Boosted signal
The femtocell increases the speed and reliability of data
transmission, extending the range to about 30m (98ft),
improving signal in homes with thick walls/basements