Angle grinders

Angle grinders are
multi-purpose tools that
can do almost
everything, from polishing
surfaces to shearing through steel.
They can either be battery
powered or work off the mains and
consist of a powerful motor
running a spinning disc, which is
at a right angle to the handle.
If a wire brush is placed on the
spindle, it becomes an excellent
tool for removing dried mud or
cement from a spade, acting like a
high-speed brush.
Alternatively, a sharp-edged
blade whirring at high speeds can
easily slice through metal or score
tiles and
stone. The
movement of
the blade means
the cut will be clean and smooth,
rather than jagged and coarse, like
a hacksaw cut would be.
They can also be fi tted with a
grinding wheel that, when run up
and down a blade, can sharpen it
by shearing off tiny slivers of
metal. Angle grinders rotate at
around 10,000rpm – ten times the
speed of a normal drill motor – and
you’ll probably fi nd one in nearly
every DIY lover’s shed.