Chimneys big and small

Chimneys come in all shapes and
sizes. Metal variations are quick to
install and have push-fi t joining so
are more versatile and adaptable
than their brick equivalents. Made of
stainless steel, they are most
suitable for coal and wood fi res.
Brick chimneys are the type most
commonly seen on Britain’s rooftops.
They are usually lined with clay,
which helps insulate as well as
extending its life span. Both of these
types contain different fl ues. Flues
Chimneys big and small
help retain heat and expel toxic
gases. Masonry versions usually
have what is known as ‘class one.’
This is a basic system that relies on
the natural rising of the hot air to
work. However, the steel variety uses
a ‘class two’, which is a more
complex series of pipes. These can
either be metal or a small brick vent.

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