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Deep fryer technology

Deep fat fryers operate at an average
temperature of 185 degrees Celsius
(365 degrees Fahrenheit), and have a
reputation as dangerous kitchen appliances
that start fi res, but modern equipment has
sophisticated technology to both keep the oil
hot and protect the cook from potential risks.
The most important component of the fryer is
the mechanism which heats the oil: this can be
gas or electric. In an electric fryer a heating
element is immersed in the oil, and as an
electric current passes through it, resistance
generates heat, which is transferred to the oil.
In contrast, gas fryers use gas burners
underneath the vat of oil to generate heat.
Though these warm up more rapidly, any food
particles that sink to the bottom are easily
burned, tainting the oil’s taste. Gas fryers will
often have a ‘cool zone’ – a dip in the base of the
fryer extending below the burners; remaining
cooler. Sinking particles drop into this recess.
Many oils will ignite at 260 degrees Celsius
(500 degrees Fahrenheit), so modern fryers
often incorporate a microchip which shuts off
the power should the oil begin to overheat.
Many new fryers also have a thermostat that
senses and adjusts the temperature, keeping it
at optimum heat level.

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