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Re-creating marine habitats

Every large aquarium has to deal with the challenge of meeting
the needs of the diverse creatures it plays home to. Visitors
want to see salt and freshwater fi sh, plus other creatures, so
they have to replicate a variety of environmental conditions. The
Ocean Voyager tank in the Georgia Aquarium, USA, poured
680,000 kilograms (1.5 million pounds) of sea salt into its
24-million-litre (6.3-million-gallon) tank. After this initial outlay
though, the tank requires very little salt to keep it salinated.
Water temperature is also very important. Depending on the
location and inhabitants, temperature varies wildly, so tanks are
constantly checked and controlled by thermostats and heaters.
For fi sh that live in deep water, dim lights are used so we can
see them without upsetting their natural environment.


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